How Movies Affected Our Society?

Bismillah , Assalamualaikum , Hye Peeps ! =)

Yesterday was our first class of English and we've got our assignment to do which was find a current or interesting topic to share with others.

So, my group finally decided to choose a topic on Entertainment Industry. And for me and my partner, we've got to search some information about movies.

In my point of view, nowadays movies has been all craps and sorry to say - stupid. 

Don't you guys realize how much we have wasted our time and money on watching something that don't give us much benefits? Oh, suck !

Furthermore, children nowadays tend to act out what they have seen from the movies. What they saw, they want to do it without knowing the risky and bad effects they would get. They saw violence in movies, they tend to violate others. They saw actions in movie, they tend to kick people's butt. They saw kissing and hugging scenes, they also want to try it out with their friends even though they we're just 7 years old !

Oh, now I realised how I miss to watch old school movies so much as they were better than nowadays movies. ='(

note : Actually I'm training myself to write better in English because I know, I'm so suck at this subject >,<. So, if there is any typos or any words that not in place, please correct my mistakes. I'm ready to hear your critics as long as I can improve myself to a better person next time. Thanks  =) Haha.

From author :

Orang dulu-dulu buat filem gunakan air mata ; buat dengan sungguh-sungguh sebab bila sekali dah rosak, kena potong filem tu dan telan banyak kos untuk buat dan cantum filem tu. Tak macam zaman sekarang, kalau bloopers jek senang je nak edit kat komputer. Haihh ~

4 00 orang doakan Cik Ummi kahwin cepat !:

aizamia3 said...

filem sekarang ada yang lebih sesuai dijadikan drama berbanding dijadikan sebuah filem..

Everything's Everythings said...

Xtaw la rasa xminat sgt movie english zaman dulu tapi kalau movie melayu dulu2 mmg minat mcm Bujang Lapok etc ;D

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